Soundscape group wants your noise!

Jen and Alan from the Soundscape group (new for Samhuinn 2012!) are still looking for members to join them in their musical escapades…

The Soundscape group will offer an interesting new experience in ritual and dramatic sound, with the help of Alan Howse as he creates spectacular instruments out of pipe, wood, metal bowls, etc etc. Members of this group can be involved with some of the instrument making, and we will be spending our meeting time either crafting our headpieces, costumes, decorating instruments, experimenting with different sounds and rehearsing so that we may offer a rich and eclectic soundscape to enrich the Samhuinn ritual.

Musical experience is not required to join this group. People from all levels of experience are welcome. You are not required to make the instruments, but if you want to, Alan can help you to learn. It is incredibly easy. You do not have to be a performer in order to help this group or come to the meetings, as we could use help in crafting.
Group meetings are currently Monday and Thursday evenings at Arts Complex (London Road, Edinburgh) but this is subject to change depending on the requirements of group members.
If you’re interested in getting involved or would like to find out more, email Jen at

One thought on “Soundscape group wants your noise!

  1. If we get enough people to join this group, there will be fun filled weekend planned for members of Soundscape. This could be a possible weekend trip away, or ???


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