Samhuinn Fire Festival 2012

Once again we gather to create a unique event in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town.

Summer is ending and Winter is upon us. Join us to to mark the passing of the season against the backdrop of Edinburgh Castle and St Giles’ Cathedral.

Costumed performers, puppets, fire, drums and dance all combine to usher us into the Dark of the Year on Samhuinn night, the traditional Celtic New Year.

What aspects or patterns of behaviour do you offer up as sacrifice alongside the Summer King? What changes do you bring about within yourself as the forces of Winter come crashing in? Do you cling to the past or surrender to the transformation to come?

The event itself is free to watch, though there will be donations accepted so please give generously if you can.

We begin on Johnstone Terrace at 9pm and move down the Royal Mile, towards the stage area at Parliament Square.

You can find the event on Facebook here.

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