What I Did On My Holy Days

Judy shares her experience of organising groups at BFS festivals…


What I did on my Holy Days… *pun intended* 🙂

When asked “Why did you fancy becoming a GO?”, rather than a straightforward “Because, blah, blah, blah, rhubarb, rhubarb” as an answer, I had a quick nip down Memory Lane. From my first go at being a GO, way back in Beltane 2002, I have found that my core desire to participate in BFS events is to share celebrating the changing of the Seasons, the turning of the Wheel and a love of sharing a right good knees up with a myriad of like minded souls.

For me, the spiritual aspect of a coming together of a hugely diverse group of folk to create a Community to celebrate a very special occasion that, like Christmas, comes but once a year, is one that fills me with joy, lifts my soul on wings and never ceases to fill me with awe at the amazing abilities and grace of those with whom I share these special moments.

So, being a GO in a number of Beltanes and Samhuinns has been a journey of highs and lows, very much a sharing of Dreams and being hugely inspired by the Dreams and Visions of those in groups I have been privileged to facilitate and journey with. If you ever fancy being a GO I’d say – yup, off you go and have a grand Adventure. Sharing a closely held Dream can be scary but also hugely rewarding. The creativity of the folk that you will share your time with is a wonderful thing.

Try not to plan too much. Let there be spaces in your Dreaming so that the Dreams of others can fill the spaces and intertwine with yours to create something magical, mysterious and entrancing. Yes, there are health and safety and other grounded, practical things that need to be considered. Where there is imagination, there are many potential solutions. The depth, breadth and scope of each individual’s own journey in the run up to a festival can support, inform, inspire and challenge both your own Vision for a group and those of others within and without a group.

Communication is key – be it talking, dancing your Dream or beating the rhythm on drum, rattle or a bit of old crowd barrier (you’d be surprised at what fabulous music can come from the most unusual of instruments). Being a GO has helped inform my own journey, suggested areas of my own Self that I might like to explore in more depth, seen the waxing and waning of friendships in unexpected ways, and is journey I may not be done with yet as the Adventure still calls..

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