Getting ready for the Open Meeting – a GO perspective

Nyree, who is co-organising Whites for Beltane 2013, shares her (nerve-wracking!) experience of getting ready for the Open Meeting.

As I was getting ready for yesterday’s Open Meeting, I noticed a lot of similarities to getting ready for a date. I changed my clothes 3 or 4 times, same with shoes. I got my make-up out and tried almost all my eyeshadows (for anyone who knows me and the amount of makeup I have, that is no small job!) before I settled on a warm golden look. I paced up and down, muttering my introduction and twiddled my hair repeatedly…. Will they like me? Will I make a fool of myself?

So why was I so nervous? Well, after months of preparation (over 18 months for Kat and I), it was finally time to step out in public and announce we are leading White. I always find the Open Meeting more nerve wracking that Beltane Night. If fact it is the MOST NERVOUS I ever am in the entire process. It is just you and your co-GO standing there, trying to sum up in a few words and actions what your group is about, what the character and purpose of your group is, and why any one of the hundred plus faces out there should sign up for your group.

Will I be able to speak without my voice cracking?
Will I forget my lines and let down my co-GO?
Will my legs be able to hold me up when I do a front bend?

I did it. WE did it and we flocked beautifully, if I do say so myself.

So a big thank you to everyone who turned up yesterday, to the board, my fellow GOs who made me laugh out loud and cry tears of joy (thank you Jason!), and to everyone who came willing to sign up to a group, to be part of this year’s festival and to join our ever increasing family.

The first White rehearsal is this Thursday at St Mag’s – first rehearsal is the SECOND most nerve wracking thing a GO can do….

Wish me luck!!!

If you missed the Open Meeting, contact for more information on how you can join in.

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