Beastie Drummers’ Equinox Pool Party


Come and join the Beasties as we celebrate the balance of the season shifting in favour of the red and the green.

In order to lure summer out of her slumber we have decided to make an offering of all the things she likes best – heat, sweat, pulsing, dancing and dripping bodies in abandon.

We will have DANCE from Anansi!
We will have PULSING from the Processionals!
We will have GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT from the Reds!
and of course the Beasties will be reveling in the only way they know how. FUNDOSHI!

The pool is err, in the basement, of the City Cafe…look, there is not a pool per-say but there will be by the time we are finished with it. Its a small venue and is likely to sell out so I would get down early if I were you.

Doors 8pm, first act 9pm, £3 on the door.

Any profits from the night go towards Beastie rehearsal space for Beltane, there will also be a raffle for the Edinburgh Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre.

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