Great Expectations

Nyree, co-organiser for Whites at Beltane 2013, shares her perspective on the difficult task of group selection…

So, the first couple of rehearsals have come and gone for most groups and now it is getting to that difficult point when, as a GO, you have to look at who has tried out for your group. You and your co-GO now need to make a decision on who you will invite to join you the journey to Beltane; because from this point on it is a journey you will ALL be taking together.

I know from experience how anxious it is, waiting to hear if you have got into a group or not, and wondering what you will do if you don’t get your first choice. But trust me, when the shoe is on the other foot, it is even MORE difficult as a GO to make the decisions and then make those calls.

Please do not be disheartened if you don’t get your first choice. I believe everything happens for a reason and everyone ends up where they are meant to be. There are loads of really fantastic and awesome groups still recruiting for this year’s Beltane, so don’t think that if you haven’t got your first choice you can’t take part this year, because you can!

If you don’t get into your first choice; email and the lovely Kat will put you in contact with the groups that are still open to new members.

So, whatever group you all end up in, I wish you all love, laughter and joy in the journey you are about to take and I look forward to seeing you on the hill on 30th April.

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