TELLERS OF BEL’S FIRE want passionate storytellers, no experience necessary!

Fenland, one of the organisers of Tellers of Bel’s Fire, shares some information about the group for prospective members. They’re looking for another 4-6 people to complete the group so if you’re interested, please get in touch soon!

So what are The Tellers of Bel’s Fire?
‘Stories are told eye to eye, mind to mind, and heart to heart’

Our concept for The Tellers of Bel’s Fire is based on bringing to life, the Third component of the Ceilidh culture;
Music and,
complementing the events’ dedication to ritual dance and music.

Based on the Scottish Travellers’ proverb, we, as a group, will be on Calton Hill 1 hour prior to the start of the procession engaging the Witnesses (the audience) and serving as a bridge between the real world of the Witnesses and the ritual world of the Beltane performance.

As the bridge between the two worlds, we will open that veil, prior to the start of the procession and, provide an intimate connection with the people offering them the first step on their night’s journey, and share the Beltane stories with as many people as possible.

The Stories
The Tellers of Bel’s Fire will focus not only on the larger story of the May Queen and the Green Man, but also tell some of the other myths, stories and legends of Beltane from various cultures, in order to educate the groups of Witnesses so that they, and the people they tell in turn, will have a better appreciation and understanding of the events that they will witness on the hill, offering them a connection to the evening’s events and help to set the stage for the performance at sunset.

Engaging with the witnesses from the entry point onward, prior to the start of the procession, we will also, once the procession has begun, be acting as wandering pairs of bards, visiting different locations around the hill, before or after the Procession, to continue to share stories with the public.
We will also be holding 1 static location with a storyteller’s tent slightly off the main performance area to act as a sheltered performance space for the Tellers.

I am interested but do I need to have any experience with Storytelling?

Calum Lykan has an extensive background in Storytelling and Trisha ‘Iolana has over a decade of experience in various forms of theatrical production and direction. They will be running serious series of intensive workshops together to help give those who may never have done anything like this before, the basic skills required to be a Teller of Bel’s Fire on the Beltane Night.

What we want is to have Passion, a Drive to go out and Tell!

What type of commitment will involved?
The Tellers will be meeting every Wednesday evening (18:30 – 20:30) and Saturday (11:45 – 17:00).

The Saturdays, through March, will be a series of successive workshops led by Trisha & Calum, building upon the last preparing us for the Night, and will held at the Art Complex (St.Magaret’s).

We ask that you look to arrive 15 minutes before the start of each workshop, to allow us to start promptly.

It sounds like a lot of work, will it be worth it? Will it be Fun?!
OH YES! Most Definitely!

I’m still not sure, can I just come along to find out?

Please bring snacks and drinks for to keep yourself hydrated.

Comfortable clothing for movement and warm up exercises

We look forward to seeing and meeting you properly!

To contact us
Email us at:

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