Samhuinn Kingspiration

With only a few short weeks to go for prospective Summer and Winter Kings at Samhuinn 2013 to apply for the roles (more info here), inspiration can be found in previous manifestations of royalty. You can see more kingly pictures in this album on Facebook.

2007 by Graham Butler 01
Samhuinn 2007 by Graham Butler.

2009 by Daniel Rannoch 01
Samhuinn 2009 by Daniel Rannoch.

2010 by Matt Dale 01
Samhuinn 2010 by Matt Dale.

2011 by Ellen Duffy 04
Samhuinn 2011 by Ellen Duffy.

2011 by Raini Scott
Samhuinn 2011 by Raini Scott.

2012 by Klara Osickova
Samhuinn 2012 by Klara Osickova.

2012 by Raini Scott 02
Samhuinn 2012 by Raini Scott.

Samhuinn 2012 by Richard Winpenny
Samhuinn 2012 by Richard Winpenny.

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