Invitation to submit poster artwork for Samhuinn 2013

With preparations for the Samhuinn Fire Festival beginning, it’s time to invite you to submit poster artwork for consideration for the Samhuinn 2013 poster. The chosen submission will be distributed across Edinburgh and will also be used in our online promotion and press advertising in the run-up to the festival.

The main aim of the poster is to inform people that the event is on, impart important information and persuade them to come. The invitation is open to all!


  • The deadline is 7pm on Saturday 17th August 2013.
  • The final design will be chosen by online vote (as with the last two festivals), so please send us a small version of your artwork (1000px wide is fine) as a level 8 jpg file which we can display online.
  • You can submit more than one design if you like, but please submit each only once!
  • There is no need to send a draft or sketch first, and there’s no advantage to submitting early. If it takes you right up until the deadline to complete your work, then please take that time. All submissions will be posted for voting at the same time in August.
  • Due to strict time constraints based on printing and distribution requirements, it will not be possible to accept unfinished artwork with an “it will be done by [insert date here]” promise, and late entries will not be able to be accepted.
  • Size – A2, portrait format, 300dpi
  • The poster will be printed in A2, therefore it is important that you have your artwork available at this size (with a 2cm bleed edge but don’t worry if you aren’t sure what that’s all about as we can tinker with things).
  • We only need a flat jpeg (1000px wide) to help us choose the final poster artwork, although we will need the artwork in its full state if it is chosen.
  • Final print format – PDF/JPEG in a CMYK colour format (again, we can help with this)
  • Layers – It is really important that after submission we are able make changes to the chosen poster, whether digital or not, having your artwork saved with layers (for example as a PSD file), makes changes easier.

EMAIL your submission to

Key information about the event is detailed below, and you may choose to include this:

“Beltane Fire Society presents/ presented by the Beltane Fire Society




“The Beltane Fire Society is a Registered Charity in Scotland: SC040137”



Samhuinn is a time of the changing of the seasons, of the battle between summer and winter and of the Celtic new year – a time when the veil draws thin and the spirits draw closer to us.

Our Samhuinn festival has its roots in medieval street theatre, the traditions of all Hallow’s Eve. The Summer and Winter Kings battle for control of the seasons, overseen by the Cailleach, whose grief and sorrow at the death of summer brings forth the darkness and storms of winter. It is a time for celebration, summers ‘last gasp’ of opulent decadence, but also a time of icy bleakness – the finality of winter’s arrival and the hard months ahead.

Our event is a community celebration of this changing of the seasons – and our poster should appeal to the wider community in Edinburgh and beyond. It should reflect the story and characters highlighted above to appeal to draw in those who know the Samhuinn story, but also attract those who are newcomers to our festivals.


Samhuinn 2012 Poster

Samhuinn 2011 Poster

Samhuinn 2008 Poster

Samhuinn 2006 Poster

Samhuinn 2007 Poster

Samhuinn 2005 Poster

Samhuinn 2004 Poster

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