Take a walk on the wild side!

Sandi, one of the Wild Hunt organisers, sent us some information to share on behalf of the group, to tempt you to the wild side of Samhuinn…

After not being able to get the recorded version of our Wild Hunt song working at the Open Meeting, I thought it would be good to put something on the blog since, what with my voice failing to hit the notes, and Ian’s distracting you all by attacking everyone, you may not have heard a word.

Wild Hunt are a pack of creatures, much like the Hounds of Hell, but representing Winter as opposed to “evil”. We are a winter group, who, once the Winter King has destroyed the Summer King, are sent in to slaughter the last of Summer.

We are to be a close, tight knit group of up to 10, who will be getting back to our base instincts by doing work on the 5 senses. There will also be a lot of leopard crawling through mud, wild swimming and mask and costume making so if you enjoy being creative, this is the group for you. We will be having a mask making workshop with the lovely Becky, where we will begin making our masks and claws for the night. Because costume is important, this will probably take up 60% of all the work we do. The rest will be character work etc.

Ian and I are very relaxed and plan to run the group in this fashion.

The weekend away will be either the last weekend in September or the second weekend in October. Before the weekend away we will be making our cloaks, and we plan to have a hammock making workshop, where we will each make our own hammock to use at the weekend away. We plan to go wild camping at Harlaw Reservoir, and sleeping in the hammocks should be good fun! Harlaw is in Balerno and on a bus route so not far to go, nor expensive. If you have an interest in wild food, this weekend away should be interesting for you!

So come and join us! Our first two meetings are:

First meeting: 5th September 7pm – 9pm at the Auld Hoose pub
Second meeting: 7th September 2pm – 4pm at Ravelston Woods in Blackhall

Come along and have a drink, ask us questions, and hear our plans, even if you are undecided.

We look forward to meeting you! Aaaarrroooo!!!

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