Tales from Taliesin’s Troupe

Steven, one of the organisers of Taliesin’s Troupe, shares his story of their first Samhuinn 2013 rehearsal…

Our first meeting for Taliesin’s Troupe took place this Sunday, and don’t worry we are still looking for volunteers. So come on down, bring your voice, and join us for a little sing song, and a little experimentation with sound!

Mine and Alun’s day started at 12 pm, with baking of cookies for the afternoon meeting. Safe to say, I am never letting Alun loose with a bowl full of cookie mix and a spoon, as this happens.


Moving on from that, our first meeting took place in Gallery 1 at Arts Complex, and its amazing acoustics! After a quick cuppa and some cake (always important) and discussing the workings of the cake economy in Beltane, and how to use it to bribe…I mean persuade people to our way of thinking, it was time for an impromptu practice of singing as a group.


After a certain game was banned, after 2 years of not knowing, we instead broke into various warm up exercises and singing and dancing to songs such as the birdie song, the YMCA and the good old hokey cokey.

Then led by a member of the group, we learned a small song in Latin, and spent the afternoon singing together as a group.

Unfortunately, we then started to experiment with other sounds, and so the arm fart band was born.


So come along, join in the fun…save me from the arm fart band!

You can get in touch with Steven and Alun at taliesin@beltane.org

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