Big Blether on 23rd September

The Board of Directors would like to invite all BFS members to a Big Blether on Monday the 23rd September in Room 1.24 at Arts Complex (St Margaret’s House, 151 London Road) from 6.30pm-8.30pm. Here’s some more info…

Every now and then the Trustees of BFS host gatherings so the Beltane community can get together to discuss aspects of how the Society is run. The next topic that we would welcome your input on is that of what we do when things go wrong and individuals act in a way that the Society would rather they didn’t.

We have guiding principles as to how we think we should all behave to one another in the Society – the Principles of Participation. These were worked out with the input of all Group Organisers last Beltane and then given to the organisers of this year’s Samhuinn to see if there were any amendments that they would like to suggest.

But what do we do when people act contrary to our Principles of Participation, how should people complain, who to, and what action should those people take?

As an organisation we have tried many different approaches from very detailed procedures and breakdowns of what actions will be taken for what misdemeanours to very loose frameworks based around talking to each other. Our current framework is roughly that if you have a problem, talk to the person or people involved and quite often that will be enough, and if it’s not enough then involve your Group Organiser. However, if that doesn’t do it or your complaint is with your Group Organiser, go to the Blues or Trustees.

The Trustees would like input from anyone who thinks they might have something to say about these processes so that we can be sure that how we are acting in this matter reflects the will of the membership. So welcome one and all to the Big Blether on Monday the 23rd in Room 1.24 from 6.30pm – 8.30pm. If you cant make it, feel free to send any input to

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