You’re having a giraffe!

No news is good news, especially when there’s a mud fight involved. Sage from No Point sent along some lovely words to share with you. Bask in the joy of randomness…

Understandably, running a group for Samhuinn™ is, amongst many, many other things, often spoken about in hushed whispers, or whilst submerged, in a lake, bubbles of important detail vaguely bellowed out, or perhaps, and more to the point, softly rubbed between the fingers, the silky powder dusting the upturned faces of tiny people.

This being said, it will be no surprise to find pioneers in these fields, those taken, from an early age, by eagles to a secret mountain, where they are trained in infamy and the adorable art of flailing. This Ancient Tradition, its secrets and its lore, grows slowly and at great speed AND, as I have said, many times before, having had, in fact, to stipulate and reiterate the point in the many lectures seminars and forums I attend speaking about these things, I have no idea what is going on.

No Point 1
I hope you understand this is something we found…and conclusive evidence that the universe does indeed have a sense of humour. More than this I am not at liberty to reveal At This Time.

The radical and improvised danger beset upon an individual undergoing such a transformation are, incalculably, not solely hinged on circumstance. Within it all, we have choice, and choice, we have, to choose, at will, what choices we will make. There indeed lays Great Power. A power misunderstood regularly but yet still felt and usually in the form of Mud.

No Point 2

SELF (plural)
At this stage we witness and realise the very innermost coverings of simple every day moments that combine as though a pathway that called us hither, closer, little bit closer, little bit more, bit to the right, and eventually, with almost no effort, we witness and realise conclusively the very innermost rhythms of a song sung far louder than we would have agreed to. But this song, though silent, is the very source of all what we do here.
And at the end of the mud fight, there is a rainbow. X

No Point 3

To summarise, though tides may change, it is from stillness that all movements arise, as tho zero were a different type of first place, and that from the humble Yes, there comes the mighty No.

Big love xxx

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