A Halloween party made by Beltaners for Beltaners and friends!

Some updated info about tonight’s Blood Moon fundraiser at Old St Paul’s Episcopal Church (63 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh) 8pm – Midnight…

Tonight is the night of the Blood Moon; the last full moon before Samhuinn. The night when witches gather. Join our coven for an epic night of…

  • Hour long drumming set by the Winter Drummers
  • DJ for the rest of the event
  • A very well priced bar (in the good way)
  • Slave Auction
  • Raffle with lots and lots of great prizes (see below)
  • Prize for the best dressed witch!

This event has been organised by Fabuleux Events for The Beltane Fire Society and is hosted and helped-out by the Samhuinn winter groups Blood Moon, Winter Riders, Calliachan and Winter Drummers (plus other awesome people too numerous to mention).

All proceeds go to BFS. Please be there to support our Society and ensure a fabulous Samhuinn.

<<<£4 Entry>>>

Slave auction includes…

  • The organising of any event of your choice
  • A full body massage
  • Your house being cleaned
  • Lube wrestling
  • The Artistic skills of Becci
  • A massage Slave
  • Photography Slave
  • An all purpose Slave
  • And many more

RAFFLE PRIZES (with more coming in every moment)
In no particular order…

  • Crystal Skull vodka
  • A Bottle of Booze from Demijohns and 2 vouchers for tasting worth £40 with £10 to spend at the tasting!
  • £10 voucher for Fool; the best shop in Edinburgh for crystals, clothes and all your witchy needs.
  • Hand made White Which rag doll; by the amazing seamstress Meg McLean.
  • 2 person voucher for a Chocolate Connisseur Evening at Coco Chocolate (Bruntsfield and Broughton).
  • Handmade vegan chocolates by Fabuleus Truffles.
  • A Tantsu healing treatment by Anthony; an incredible healing treatment that will leave you feeling fully alive.
  • A large jar of handmade incense; made with healing intent, Samhuinn spices, and a touch of reiki by TheWitchDoctor.
  • £10 Monkey Temple voucher; awesome clothes and fairtrade products in Tollcross.
  • £5 art voucher for the Edinburgh Art Shop; self explanatory!
  • £20 voucher towards a Bearpaw Craft class; wonderful half and full day classes (half day costs £20), list of classes included.
  • A fairtrade Tshirt from The New Earth Works, a gorgeous new shop in Bruntsfield.
  • Jewelry made by the very talented Mies; pretty pretty!
  • An, unfortunately empty, but very lovely limited edition beer bottle (large) for all you brewers out there from Growlers beer.
  • A bag from Joolz made from a recycled Tshirt.
  • A, somewhat random, rucksack and picnic rug from Hill Lord & co pet food suppliers

See you when the moon is round and the beats hit the ground 😉

You can see the Facebook event page here.

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