Turtle in the woods

Weekend-away inspired philosophies of love and general goodness from No Point…

why do it?
For all the stress and time swallowing that running a group in Samhuinn brings, there are certain undeniable aspects that consistently shine out and confirm that its all worth it…

No Point 01

Seeing strangers open up in safe spaces, sharing their hearts and minds, entering into bonds of trust that deepen and strengthen.

No Point 02

Just plain old simple friendship, Healing and uplifting, solace from the every day grind.

No Point 03

People naturally empower and encourage each other. They do things for the first time, open up about whats really going on for them, find solidarity, laughter, learn new skills……I am often to be found beaming over my group like a proud mother hen, as they evolve into an awesome unstoppable force of positivity….

And all this people power goes into the eventual performance.
This is, for me, what adds the sacredEST element to the performance, we give the audience proof that community exists, that the earth is revered, that family and creativity is essential to our well being, that having fun and rejoicing are necessary things, we give the audience something that will move them, something we believe in, that comes from the heart, something to make them think, get inspired, to cry or laugh, to be part of it and to witness the expression of what we hold most dear.
And what do we hold most dear?

No Point 04 No Point 05

No Point 06

The answers are all around us, if we just slow down and take time to appreciate them.

No Point 07

The greatest thing I have learnt from all this is this…
And that’s it. So if it’s a 3.35 meeting, remember that this is IT, the only chance, take LOVE into that situation, attempt to APPRECIATE every living being there, it’ll never happen again like this…life is precious, and often we need reminding that we are too…

…and when we remember…when we remember our worth, the worth of others, the simple blessings of water, food, shelter, friends and creative purpose, we rekindle a sacred fire that burns bright and lively inside, emboldening us to make Those Changes and pursue Those Dreams, to be The Best Version Of Ourselves™ AND….to not be afraid OR alone in doing that…..
Whether you’re a fish or a star,
No matter how far
We love you.

No Point 08

Like the poet Rumi says
“Come! Come!
Whoever you are!
Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving….
Even if you have broken your vow a thousand times before,
Ours is not the caravan of despair!

No Point 09

Spoon soon m’hearties ….
The No. xxxxxxx

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