Arrowbreak workshop, raising funds for Beltane Fire Festival 2014

As a wise woman once said , “sometimes Life gives you a square centimetre to create magical change”.
This workshop uses an arrow as a symbol of an obstacle that you feel is preventing you from moving forward in your life. A square centimete…r and magical window to create a shift and change. By breaking an arrow, you release a huge amount of energy to enable you to make the change you feel you wish to make.
The Hawaiian Huna principle of Makia (ma – kee- ah) “Energy Flows where attention goes” highlights everything is energy. Where ever you are focussing, a concentration of energy will follow.  By creating a positive focus of where you want to be/what you want to change, you create a positive focus for the concentrated energy released in the arrow break to follow.
An evening of change, transformation and celebration!
Cost: £20 per person. For more information contact Judy at .
To book your place you need to pay a £10 non returnable deposit to Judy Fordham, event organiser who can be contacted at email
All profits go towards the costs of the Beltane Fire Festival 2014.

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