Contact Point are still looking for volunteers

We are wisps.  Always on the edge of sight, flashes of light in the dark night whispering and guiding you to places new and unseen.  We shine in the darkness, always just beyond reach, but guiding you towards somewhere new.

On Beltane night, released from our forests and bogs, we will be moving amongst the crowd explaining what is going on throughout the event, giving out leaflets and also explaining the overall story of Beltane this year.  We will be whispering in people’s ears and drawing people away from the “obvious path” which is following the procession.

The wisps will guide witnesses to either pre-empt where the procession will be and therefore get ahead of it and see what is happening) or guide them to other activities that may be occurring on the hill throughout the night.

For more information, contact Steven and Marie by email at



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