Could you be a Charity Trustee with BFS?

Copyright Jasper Schwartz for BFS
Photo of Beltane 2014 by Jasper Schwartz

Festivals don’t just happen by themselves! Beltane Fire Society runs year-round and the people who make this happen are our amazing Board of Trustees. Being a Charity Trustee is a big responsibility and it’s a great opportunity to share your experience and wisdom for the good of the Society. The Board makes decisions that affect everything from the finance to the running of festivals and the future of the BFS.

If you think you have the experience, knowledge and passion to become a Beltane Fire Society Trustee, and you will be available to attend regular monthly meetings, please keep your eyes peeled for the AGM announcements and be sure to apply to become a Trustee (watch this space for the application deadline). The current Board would be particularly keen to see (although it isn’t essential) applications from those who have previous board experience or a background in Legal/Finance/Admin/Communications and IT settings.

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee and you would like an informal chat without too much arm twisting then email as soon as possible with your telephone number we can go from there.

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