BFS Lughnasadh 2014 storyline creation meeting

Judy, who is organising BFS Lughnasadh 2014, shared some information about the up-coming storyline creation meeting so you can get involved…

7pm, Wednesday 28th May 2014
The Canny Man, 237 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, EH10 6PQ

There was a blether last Sunday and the general feeling was it would be nice to do an afternoon/evening thing again that is family friendly and very informal. To be able to put a proposal to the Board a storyline needs to be created.

Come one and all to a storyline creating session to see if the desire to have a family friendly BFS Lughnasadh on Saturday 2nd August can become a bit more concrete.

In days of yore BFS Lughnasadh’s have had games in the afternoon to choose performers for characters in the performance, the stone soup story, the burning of John Barleycorn and other associated stuff.

Lugh, Lleu, Blodeuwedd, Balor and others have been part of other BFS Lughnasadhs. Please come along with ideas and suggestions to the back room of the Canny Man, or the beer garden if the weather is nice, for what a BFS Lughnasagh could look like this year.

You are welcome to register your attendance on the Facebook event page.

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