Pre-application session for prospective Group Organisers

No Point at Samhuinn 2013 by Stephen Yu
No Point at Samhuinn 2013, photo by Stephen Yu

7pm on Monday 21st July
White Horse Bar (266 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8AA)

Attention BFS volunteers thinking of applying to run a group at Samhuinn 2014! This is a chance to meet with Board members, Blues, experienced and prospective Group Organisers (GOs) in a friendly and open setting. You are welcome to discuss your ideas in advance (if you want to) and ask for support and advice to help progress your concept into a fully-fledged application.

It presents a great opportunity to find a collaborative partner if you have a fantastic idea and are looking for a second GO to work with. If you’ve never GO’d before and are considering applying to run a group, come along and have a chat with people who have been there, done that.

If you’ve run a group before but aren’t planning to put in an application for this festival, you’re still very welcome to come along as your experience is extremely valuable and you could provide support and advice to others by sharing your knowledge.

See you there!

Ps. The bar usually has crisps etc but we’ve been informed that unfortunately more substantial food won’t be available on Monday night, so if you want a bit of a munch, grab something on your way 🙂

You are welcome to register your attendance on the Facebook event page.

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