Introducing our Group Organisers for Samhuinn 2014

Group Organisers (or GOs, as they’re commonly known in BFS) are the talented, enthusiastic souls who recruit and organise the amazing groups of volunteers who create our festivals. They dedicate ridiculous amounts of time and effort to making the festivals happen and help to facilitate a unique experience for all involved.

Our Group Organisers for Samhuinn 2014 are listed below. Full information about the groups will be appearing on this page over the coming weeks.

Tom Caine and James Armandary

Lila Anne

Cearcall ur Nadir (Circle of Nature)
Louise Murray and Siri Pantzar

Photo Point
Mark Taylor and James Illing

Claire Freake and Dave Rowell

Nick Toth and Andrew Marshall

Tanya Simpson and David Simpson

Wild Hunt
Ross Atkinson and Tamara Piddock

Winter Drummers
Dani Jakwerth and Eva Murzyn

To be confirmed

To be confirmed

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