Call for proposals for Yule 2014 and Imbolc 2015

“What?!”, we hear you say, “Yule and Imbolc? But we haven’t had Samhuinn yet!”

We know, but rest easy. The Trustees are not looking for a event plan to leap fully formed from your imagination like Athena from Zeus’ forehead…unless you already have one drafted out of course. Do you have a vision or story that you would love to tell, a gathering that you’d love to co-ordinate or host?

The Trustees are looking for an outline of a proposal for either event. What dates are you looking at, for instance? Once a date has been chosen, are you thinking of something inside or outside, afternoon or evening? The Trustees can chat with you about your proposal and support you in taking it forward.

The deadlines for proposals to the Trustees are 10pm on Sunday 21st September for Yule 2014 and 10pm on Sunday 12th October for Imbolc 2015. If you would like to submit a proposal, please email the BFS Festival Secretary at with any questions, queries, or to request a proposal form to fill in for submission to the Trustees.

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