Cearcall ur Nadir would love to have you!

Siri and Louise from Cearcall ur Nadir would like to invite you to join them…

Cearcall ur Nadir had our first practice today. From a GO point of view, it was wonderful. Seeing how all the things you planned turned into something much greater due to the people involved warmed the heart of this first-time group organiser. What we have is a lovely, intimate and enthusiastic bunch of people. We would be happy to go forward with this. But we are excited about what we can offer and experience as a group and we could fit more people in to that experience, which is why this post exists. We want you, and it is possible you want us but haven’t realised it yet.

Cearcall ur Nadir might be your thing, if you feel excited about the following:

    Exploring the elements (that is, air, fire, water and earth) and how they are related to you and your life and the change that’s happening in the nature right now.
    Looking at the processes and rituals of birth and death, beginning and end. You might even get to do a death scene. Not kidding.
    Having a unique role in the festival and exploring all the things that can offer. Ever wanted to do a skirt out of dead leaves? Sure thing. Making fire fans? Having wings? Handing flowers to the audience? Blowing bubbles? There are so many things you can do in-element and once you’ve got your role, you’ll have loads of freedom in interpreting it.
    Having a network of new and old friends helping out and enjoying the journey with you. Once you have your role, you’ll have element buddies, winter or summer bunch and the entire Cearcall ur Nadir to draw energy from and contribute to. Be it helping out with costumes or panicking before the night, you’ll have someone there for you.
    Learning movement and performance or enhancing what you already know. Have you ever tried to represent ice or wildfire or think like a winter storm? Me neither, let’s figure it out.
    Concentrating, calming down, enjoying a refuge from the real world, finding or renewing your connection with the nature and the world around us.

If that sounds like your piece of cake and you haven’t signed up for any group yet, or have signed up but the group you’re with is facing cuts, come along on Saturday (12.30-4.30pm, St. Mags and outdoors, be prepared) and see if you would fit in. We would love to experience this journey together with all of you! If you have any questions, please drop us a line on circleofnature@beltane.org . Also do so if you’re planning to come along on Saturday, so we know who to expect.

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