When the Court met the Stewards

Samhuinn’s Court paid a royal visit to the Stewards at their rehearsal on Calton Hill. Photo Point were there to capture some moments (of madness!). Nick, one of the Group Organisers of the Stewards, talks about their day…

We know Winter is coming, but for now, Stewards have been enjoying the last sunny days of Summer on Calton Hill, playing games and getting to know each other and looking forward to the Big Night on the 31st.

We had a great visit from the Cailleach, the Prince of Winter, and the Summer King (along with his mysterious and silent Bodyguard), getting to hear all about this Samhuinn’s story of dynastic strife and intrigue.

In honour of the Royal Presence, we played ritually significant games of Sticky Toffee and Granny’s Footsteps, which were great fun for all, if a little confusing for members of the public who were out on the Hill as well. In fact, we even managed to recruit one to join us!

We’re still looking for a couple more good people to join our ranks, so if you see us out and about town, feel free to come up and ask us more about the upcoming festival and how you can get involved.

See you on the 31st!

Gyorgy Papp 01

Gyorgy Papp 02

Gyorgy Papp 03
Photos above by Gyorgy Papp

James Illing 01

James Illing 02

James Illing 03

James Illing 04
Photos above by James Illing

Mark Taylor 01

Mark Taylor 02
Photos above by Mark Taylor

Neil Barton 01

Neil Barton 02

Neil Barton 03
Photos above by Neil Barton

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