Meet the Elements

Cearcall Ur Nadir (Circle of Nature) would like to introduce you to the Samhuinn 2014 elements…



I am light-hearted, ever-changing, whimsical and somewhat flirty,
I bring first clear skies and in the next moment thunder and tornadoes,
I laugh in your ears, toss your hair, caress you with the heat from the sun – only to blow away again, giggling as I go.


From a whisper to a roar,
I represent the stormy side of air as well as the stillness that is present.
There is a feeling of darkness and ferocity about me as Winter Air is unapologetically harsh and unforgiving in its nature.



The passion that rouses your senses
The energy that gives you power
I can burn and destroy
But I’m also the warming flame which keeps you feeling safe and free in the summer


I represent winter fire as a protective element,
The dread of my extinction has gradually turned me into a very aggressive entity


Crashing Wave

Growing in strength since the start of my life-cycle in summer
I am starting to feel the exhaustion of age
I am losing my playful nature and becoming more arrogant
This is my big lesson in fatigue and my last big storm.

Chione (Key-oh-Knee)

I am the snow, ice and frost,
Magical, playful and beautiful.
I am the breath of winter that entices you to build snowmen, have snowball fights and go ice-skating.
However, I have a dark side,
I am unforgiving, cold and harsh,
Covering the ground with snow and ice that brings chaos, destruction and the eternal sleep of death.



I am Gaia, the wizened earth mother who journeys over the group that holds ancient endless memory.
Do not fear the inevitable cycles of life and death.
Wherever we tread we each have our own path to follow, drawing on the wisdom held in the belly of the earth.


All living things must die: I represent the death and decay of most organisms, in order for life to cycle and be reborn.
However at this time of year, I do not forget the creatures and plants that thrive in the winter.

Miss Teery

I am Miss Teery
I am an enigma wrapped in a paradox containing an conundrum.
I am the magic of the intangible.
I am neither fire nor ice, the air you breath or the ground you stand upon.
I have no boundaries or edges.
I am the expanse, the immeasurable, I am the cosmos.

For where there is fire it is sure to multiply

Meet Spark (or maybe don’t, because nothing good will come of it), the hot-tempered and impulsive extension of the fire element.
I am impulsive, explosive, greedy and cruel in the way of a child incinerating ants with a magnifying glass, I may seem calm, dry, collected, but inflame my fury and you can be sure that whether my wrath reaches you or not, you can expect many innocent forest creatures to be burned to crisp in the process.
A wildfire waiting to happen, I live a vicious cycle of violence, regret, and self-loathing that ultimately only fuels my destructive tendencies.

I am Ember,
The bright candle in the long dark night.
The midwinter bonfire on the freezing hill.
The fire that is nurtured and nurtures in turn,
The warm hearth and the vivid celebration.

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