The King is Dead. Long live the King!

Spike by Gyorgy Papp

Spike, our newly crowned King of Winter, talks about his Samhuinn experience…

I took on the role of Prince of Winter because I wanted to test myself. I wanted to explore aspects of character that I normally shy away from and at the same time I felt I could bring something unique to the role. It has been a wonderful transformative experience.

The main reason why Samhuinn is such a great event comes down to the people. This whole event is organised, funded and performed by volunteers. Most of us are working full-time jobs as well as rehearsing our performances and making our own costumes. It wouldn’t be possible unless we all absolutely loved what we were doing and I think that comes through on the night. It is a Hallowe’en unlike any other. The sort that can only come from hundreds of performers, all of whom steadfastly refuse to be grown-ups.

I won’t lie, it has been hard work. As the King I’ve had to work twice as hard as when I was any other role. However I feel it is important to bring all the groups together so that the performance is as tight and the story is as cohesive as we can make it. I have been eating, breathing and living Samhuinn every single day for three months now. I’d have been dreaming about it too if I’d had any time to sleep.

Photo by Gyorgy Papp.

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