Co-organiser wanted for The Aerie, a new bird-themed group

Jay, one of our prospective Group Organisers for Beltane 2015 is looking for a co-organiser. He says…

The Aerie is a new concept that came to me recently, as I realized that Beltane might be embellished by a colorful, wandering group which would be primal in nature, without being necessarily affiliated to anyone. Reasonably small in size, their main appearance and behavior would be based on various birds, their arrival on the Hill being both a portent and a celebration.

They would be associated to the element of air, of course, but also to the realm of wild beasts, and that would make them both whimsical and unpredictable. Two major characters in that group would be ‘The Humble Bird’, that would be indistinguishable from the rest of flock until it reaches the bonfire and gets reborn as The Phoenix, and ‘The Somber One’, the only one wearing dark colors, there to remind the audience that Winter will be back, in time.

Now, as this would be my first time as a Group Organiser, I would like the help and support of a co-conspirator, someone who would know how to work in coordination with other groups, as this will most probably be a key factor. Knowledge of costuming and possibly wire-framing (for bird-themed masks) would also be a plus.

Anybody interested in knowing more about this can contact me at

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