Co-organiser wanted for vocal group

Faracy, one of our prospective Group Organisers, is looking for a co-organiser for a vocal group. She says…

My idea is to create a soundscape of voices illuminated by fire and light with the intention of raising the divine spark within each singer and those around them, possibly also involving the audience. I have done this piece before – it is called “Spark” – however only in indoor settings. For some time I have wanted very much to do it outdoors at a large spiritual occasion such as this.

I would really like to make this happen for this year and am quite flexible as to how it could be woven into the fabric of the Beltane story. I do think however having someone with some experience with the event would be incredibly helpful. You can get in touch with me at

This is a video of the first time I ever performed “Spark”. I’ve done it several times since, the last time being at a Solstice ritual I hosted.

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