Tales from Beltane: Hannah’s story

In the fifth of our ‘Tales from Beltane’ guest post series, Hannah talks about watching the festival as part of the audience, then joining BFS…

Hannah by Simon Crofts at Beltane 2013

I first heard of BFS through friends of mine that had joined and I went along to Beltane 2006 to support them and watch them perform. I was lucky enough to be standing quite near the front so I could clearly see the Acropolis. I enjoyed every one of festivals as they each had something different.

As the years passed, more and more of my friends were becoming involved in BFS and I would lose them for five or six months of the year! Then two years ago I bit the bullet and decided if I cant beat them, join them, so I joined BFS as a Steward. Since then I have been in a performance group, built a giant puppet and learned more about the spiritual aspects of the festival.

Joining BFS was the best decision I have made in a long a time. As an audience member, my favourite part of the Beltane festival was the moment the drums kick in on the Acropolis. As a member, my favourite part is all the new people I get to meet with every festival I participate in. I would recommend joining the Beltane experience to anyone, whether it be coming to watch a festival or taking part.

You can buy tickets to Beltane 2015 from The Hub. If you would like to get involved in this year’s festival, you are welcome to come to the Open Meeting.

Photo of Hannah at Beltane 2013 by Simon Crofts.

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