Share the love with Random Points of Kindness

Random Points of Kindness are still open to new group members. Here’s what they’re all about…

Random Points of Kindness exist to interact with the audience in the background, quiet spaces and dark corners, at the back of a crowd and before the drums kick off. Our aim is to extend the love of our community to the audience through meaningful interaction, giving them a personal touch that they can take away with them in their hearts, minds and hands, above and beyond the witnessing of a performance. An interaction can be as simple as a moment of eye contact and handing over a gift or as complex as a deep meaningful chat with them about what Beltane is all about. We will play with them through stories, sounds, songs, games and moveable performance and then pass on tokens of kindness, little trinkets made with love. In that moment, sharing with them a feeling of connectedness, community and love. We want to make them feel a part of the Beltane family.

We will be creatures of summer from an enchanted garden, gentle and kind. We will have a base on the Hill from which to roam. Our sessions will be a mixture of performance, character work and practical sessions making gifts. We’ll have a lot of fun, we’ll be silly together, laugh together, eat together and become a lovely family, a tribe of roaming enchanted creatures ready to fill the audiences hearts and hands with love. We’ll meet Thursdays (7pm) and Sundays (1pm) at various locations, both indoors and outdoors. Whilst we are looking for commitment from our group, we have scope to include people who may have prior commitments, holidays etc (to be discussed on an individual basis).

If you’re interested in joining us, email or come and join us on Calton Hill on Sunday at 1pm.

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