From candles to mushroom gardens via BFS

Alan Making Things 01

This is a corner of the BFS workshop at St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh. Intriguing and amazing things can be found here, many of them built by our Health & Safety Officer and resident maker of awesome stuff, Alan.

Alan Making Things 02

Occasionally, Alan escapes from the workshop and makes awesome stuff in other places. Earlier this week, we found him peeling candles. Yes, you read that correctly. Peeling candles.

Alan Making Things 03

The used-up candles are waste from Mercat Tours, who work with some of our friends at St Margaret’s House to have the wax recycled instead of being landfilled.

Alan Making Things 04

This year, Alan will be processing upwards of 100kg of wax and turning it into all sort of beautiful, useful things for Beltane. There will be new candles of different sizes, fire cans for light and heat, and…

Alan Making Things 05

…a temporary light-up mushroom garden on Calton Hill for Beltane night!

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