Remembering the lost

Photo of one of the Whites' candle lanterns

Tamara and Louise, Group Organisers of the Whites at Beltane 2015, would like to introduce a new feature of their character this year – candle lanterns (pictured above)…

As we emerge from darkness led by our May Queen to aid in the coming change to Summer.

We remember what was lost.

Those who did not make it and are no longer with us in body. Those lost moments that changed something in us forever. Lost feelings that still burn deep inside, but no longer have anywhere to go.

This is part of our role, to bring those moments with us to join us on our journey with our May Queen while she guides the Green Man to his place of rebirth.

We will carry lanterns to gather the souls and memories of those lost to us and gift them to the enchanted garden. Such a wondrous place guarded by equally wondrous creatures who will protect these beacons of light for all of us.

For this one magical night our lost loved ones can join us again, if not in body then in spirit and fire.

In this wonderful place we invite all who wish to have a moment to remember those you’ve lost or moments that have gone and join us on our journey towards Summer. Together we will create an extraordinary moment to remember.

3 thoughts on “Remembering the lost

  1. Many are lost during the cold, dark, winter months. Samhuinn we celebrate all that Summer gave us and prepare for the cold. At Beltane we’re remembering that not everyone made it with us this far.


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