Huly hill: The Bower visit the Ancestors

Photo of Huly Hill

Alex from the Beltane 2015 Bower talks about the group’s recent visit to Huly Hill…

Out on the edge of Edinburgh in one of the most unlikely places lurks a hidden treasure of Edinburgh’s past. Bower met to explore sacred spaces and the old sites that mean a lot to some people. We gathered on a bright but cold day – thankful that we all found the place easily enough and discussed what we were going to do that day.

We had prepared a little for the day, agreeing that we wanted to practice our opening ritual. We were all very clear that the most important thing we had to do was define space and so we set about working out how to do that most effectively for us. We familiarised ourselves with the site – the central mound has three large stones marking its immediate boundary.

After we did that we then processed around again and using Smudge, Salt, Water, a (sheltered) candle and the sound of a drum and bullroarer we made our way around the circle, building our intention to mark the space and banish any negative influences.

As we reached the end we gathered in a circle to discuss how we thought it had gone and we were approached by a woman. She asked what we were doing and was pleased that the circle was getting some attention as she felt these old spaces were not getting looked after properly. She confided to us that she was coming to the circle for comfort as she had an operation coming up and she asked for some of the smudge to be wafted over her. The group then offered her a sound bath which she accepted and said she felt very grateful. We wished her well and left her to continue her visit to the circle.

We then settled down next to the mound and shared a picnic lunch and discussed how we felt the visit was going.

This pretty much sums up Bower. We seek to create a safe space where people can come when they have need of rest or comfort and then ground ourselves by sharing in the community that we create and safely returning the energies to the ground.

Thanks to Judy for the pictures.

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