2 weeks left to register a proxy for the AGM

Beltane 2015 by Milan Chudjak

Proxy registration deadline
1pm on Friday 12th June 2015

If you are a member of BFS and would like to vote in the election of Trustees but will not be able to attend the AGM, you can choose a proxy (someone to vote on your behalf). In order for this to happen, please email chair[at]beltane[dot]org with your name and your proxy’s name before 1pm on Friday 12th June. Your voting slip will then be handed to them on their arrival. Your proxy can only vote on behalf of one person so please do not ask someone who has already agreed to proxy for someone else. Your proxy cannot be running for election to the Board.

AGM details
2pm on Sunday 14th June 2015
Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street, Edinburgh, EH7 5EP
AGM info blog post is here

Photo of Beltane 2015 by Milan Chudjak.

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