Could you be a BFS Trustee? 2 weeks left to apply!

Crowds gathering at sunset on Beltane night 2015, by Neil Barton

Trustee application deadline
Sunday 7th June 2015
Applications should be submitted by email to festival[at]beltane[dot]org

Board Application Form 2015
Responsibilities for BFS Board of Directors
BFS Articles of Association

AGM details
2pm on Sunday 14th June 2015
Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street, Edinburgh, EH7 5EP
AGM info blog post is here

If you’re thinking of putting yourself forward to be on the Board of Trustees for BFS and you have no reservations, no worries, no concerns…do it! Download the form, fill it in and email it. You’re awesome for being so enthusiastic. GO YOU!

If you’re thinking of putting yourself forward but are having doubts, keep reading and hopefully those doubts will be dispelled…

You don’t have to have been a member of BFS for a long time.
It really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been involved with BFS for. We’ve had Trustees who have been members for years and Trustees who have only taken part in one or two festivals before joining the Board.

You don’t have to have a specific type of experience within BFS.
You don’t have to have been a Group Organiser, a Blue, a member of court or taken part in a particular type of group to be a Trustee. No-one is better positioned to be a Trustee just because they’ve held a certain role during a festival. It makes no difference at all because you’re bringing the skills and experience you’ve gained from your unique path through life, and that’s what matters.

You don’t have to have experience of charity governance.
It would be wonderful if you have that kind of experience, but it is in no way necessary. Many (most, even) BFS Trustees gain this experience WHILE being on the BFS Board. There are plenty of opportunities to learn, so if you’d like to be a Trustee but doesn’t have experience in that area yet, don’t let it put you off. Skills can be learned and experience can be gained when you’re passionate about, and dedicated to, something. Passion and dedication is what you already have and exactly what you need. More importantly, it’s what the Board and the Society needs from you.

You don’t have to know what you want to do while you’re on the Board.
Many people join the Board because they have really specific ideas about what they can bring to the Society and how they’d like to achieve those goals. Many people join the Board because they know they’d like to do something but aren’t sure exactly what – and that’s totally fine! Although there are named roles, you don’t have to do one of these. Some Trustees go into it knowing exactly what they want to do, some find their niche once the Board starts figuring out who is doing what and some spend their time working on whatever projects are currently on the go and being productive in a variety of different ways. All those approaches are completely OK and equally as important.

You can still take part in festivals.
Obviously it’s important to consider how you will balance your position as an elected Trustee with whatever role you choose during a festival, but it is entirely possible to be on the Board AND take part in festivals. Many Board members do this. As long as you can prioritise effectively, it’s all good!

You don’t have to be awesome at public speaking.
Thinking about the bit where prospective Trustees stand up and talk at the AGM might make you nervous. That’s OK. It’s understandable that you’re nervous and the people you’ll be talking in front of will understand too. You’re not giving a Big Serious Presentation. You’re not selling anything. You’re talking about YOU, about what you can do, what you’d like to do and why you would like to dedicate your time and energy to being a Trustee for a year. Be honest, be open, be yourself and don’t be afraid to blush – no-one will judge you for it.

Instead of thinking “Someone should do that”, you think “I could do that”.
You already care about BFS. You’re already invested in what we do. You are already making a difference just by being involved. Putting yourself forward as a Trustee is the next step. It’s a way for you to support other volunteers and to shape the future of the Society. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t just see opportunities, but seeks to create them; who notices when something needs to be done and gets on with doing it; who is happy to humbly accept responsibility and affect positive change, consider this the sign you’ve been waiting for. BFS needs you!

Photo of Beltane 2015 by Neil Barton.

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