Calling old Reds and Beasties!

Reds at Beltane 2015 by Bleu Hope

For Reds this Samhuinn we are inviting old Reds and Beasties to try out for the group. A crazy, beautiful collaboration of those who have walked the Red path before to continue on the journey.

Please spread the word to any Reds or Beasties you know are about and may be interested. The first practice is on Thursday 3rd September, 7pm, at Red Point in the Meadows and the second one is on Monday 7th September at 8pm. Please bring warm clothes and waterproofs along with appropriate clothing for running round in!

Raffe and Jane are co-organising the group.

For us, Reds at Samhuinn is about becoming old and letting go. We see this as initially a struggle that we explore both in the lead up to and on the night itself. The fresh arrogance of the young and perhaps foolish Red, that at Beltane is celebrated, explored and reveled in, is now fading. How can they continue to be awesome in their old age? Is this possible? They do not want to let go of their youthful glory. They have perhaps gained some injuries along the way, during the Summer months of playful exuberant expressions of the joy they have for being in the world. These in themselves are slowing them down. They can not continue to leap around haphazardly climbing on each other, and in fact on anyone who will let them. They find this hard to accept. They will not accept it for they are immortal beings. Well, that unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately!) is not the case. Their bodies remind them of the inevitable. They must slow down. This means they will have to find other activities to occupy their thirst for adventure and the feeling of being alive and a creature of the moment before returning to the earth for the Winter months.

Meetings will be Monday and Thursday evenings in September. RIRA the first weekend in October. Then Sundays (most of the day) and Thursday evenings in October.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at reds[at]beltane[dot]org

Photo of Reds at Beltane 2015 by Bleu Hope

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