Family Samhuinn for kids and their grown-ups!

Family Beltane 2015 by Martin McCarthy

Families looking for a more traditional way to celebrate Hallowe’en should look to the Storytelling Centre on the Royal Mile this October 31st, because the Beltane Fire Society have teamed up with the International Storytelling Festival. The Beltane Fire Society’s Family Samhuinn event is going to meet the Storytelling Centre’s Guisers’ Trail for a day of craft, drama, storytelling and music workshops based on the Celtic traditions of All Hallow’s Eve – more traditionally known in Scotland as Samhuinn.

Children of all ages, accompanied by their adults, are invited to learn more about traditional Galoshan plays and the story of Samhuinn. The Guisers’ Trail is an opportunity for family groups to visit various museums in Edinburgh to perform what they’ve learned. A downloadable information pack is available on the Storytelling Centre’s website.

Family Samhuinn follows the successful return of Family Beltane to the Beltane Fire Society’s celebrations earlier this year.

For more information, email family[at]beltane[dot]org

Photo of Family Beltane 2015 by Martin McCarthy

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