Volunteer Event Stewards needed for Samhuinn 2015

Stewards at Beltane 2015 by Martin McCarthy

Our amazing team of volunteer event stewards are looking for people to join them for Samhuinn 2015! This is a great opportunity to take part in this exciting , world-famous festival, even if you don’t have much time to spare. Group Organiser Anthony says…

Stewards will provide a safe environment for performers and audience members by holding performance spaces and giving immediate assistance in the event of injuries or Too Much Fire™. We will liaise with Police, Security, First Aid, Production, Blues, and other Group Organisers to help plan a safe festival for all. We will learn about this year’s performance groups and tell witnesses about what they are part of to increase their involvement and enjoyment.

Stewards are not performers. We will engage with the public as people of this world and not as supernatural creatures. Stewarding is a great first step into BFS and we will help new members make the most of their experience.

The Stewards next meeting is on Sunday 4th October from 2pm-5pm at the Pavilion Cafe on the Meadows, Edinburgh. You’re welcome to show up and take part or you can get in touch with Anthony in advance at stewards[at]beltane[dot]org

Photo of Stewards at Beltane 2015 by Martin McCarthy

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