First Full Cast Walkthrough Photos

Some lovely pictures by Photopoint volunteers of our first full-cast walkthrough rehearsal in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh, last weekend.

Walkthrough #1 by Bleu Hope

Walkthrough #1 by Dan Mosley

Walkthrough #1 by Laura Wallace

Walkthrough #1 by Martin McCarthy

Walkthrough #1 by Neil Barton

Walkthrough #1 by Pascal van der Meiden

Walkthrough #1 by Raini Scott

For (hundreds!) more walkthrough photos, see this album on Facebook. Our Facebook page is public, so even if you’re not a Facebook user, you’ll still be able to look at the pictures.

Photos (from top) by Bleu Hope, Dan Mosley, Laura Wallace, Martin McCarthy, Neil Barton, Pascal van der Meiden and Raini Scott

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