Beautiful busk photos

Last Saturday saw an afternoon perfect Scottish weather – glorious sun invaded by pouring rain that vanished as suddenly as it appeared – and Edinburgh city centre was filled with the thunder of drums providing the soundtrack to acrobatics, fire spinning, dancing, clowning, street theatre and beautiful smiles as BFS performers took to the Mound for the Samhuinn 2015 busk.

Samhuinn 2015 busk by Bleu Hope

Samhuinn 2015 busk by Laura Wallace

Samhuinn 2015 busk by Martin McCarthy

Samhuinn 2015 busk by Neil Barton

Samhuinn 2015 busk by Pascal van der Meiden

Samhuinn 2015 busk by Raini Scott

For lots more Samhuinn 2015 busk photos, see this album on Facebook. Even if you’re not a member of Facebook, you’ll still be able to look at the photos.

Photos (from top) by Bleu Hope, Laura Wallace, Martin McCarthy, Neil Barton, Pascal van der Meiden and Raini Scott

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