Introducing our Samhuinn 2016 Group Organisers

Group Organisers are creative, talented volunteers with endless enthusiasm, planning skills like you wouldn’t believe and an impressive ability to work together and inspire others. So, without further ado, here are our Samhuinn 2016 GOs!

Tom Caine, Raymond Considine and James Armandary

Jackie Burrell and Louise Murray

Dark Bower
Julie Port, Alex Nuttgens and John Wilson

Faerie Porters
Neil Rhind, Katie Craig and Electra Tzini

Family Samhuinn
Cat Somerville and Clara Koenig

Fire Ravens
Lila Anne, Stuart Wedge and Alex De’Athe

Mark Taylor and Martin McCarthy

Veronica Doyle (AKA Panda), William Ferguson and Simon Brain

Summer’s Fayte
Nathan Kelso and Hannah McIlhinney

James Lyddall

Helen Bradburn, Greig Douglas and Jonny Crombie

Dulcea Wind and Brad McArthur

Wild Hunt
Tamara Piddock and Marie Murphy

Winter Drummers
Anna Meulepas and Lewis Hartley

Information about each of the groups and their rehearsal schedules will be posted HERE in time for the Open Meeting.

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