Behind The Pictures: Not going to go down without a fight

This is the last of our Behind The Pictures series, where photographers and performers talk about some of their favourite images from last Samhuinn. Today, Dan from Photopoint and Will, Samhuinn 2015’s Summer King, share their thoughts on this photo…


Dan says…
The moment when the Summer King was confronted by the Winter King. He knew all too well how the seasons turn and that his period of frivolity and excess must end. He let out a roar, challenging the Winter King and the battle ensued. It’s said that to play a character well, you must “become” that character and boy did Will become it. I could almost sense the fear and anger that the Summer King would feel as the season concluded, like a dog backed into a corner. His only way out was to fight. Of course, we knew that there could only be one outcome.

Will says…
In this photo the Summer King had come to realize the only option left was to fight his counterpart. He had watched the forces of winter invade the realm he had sworn to protect, he had watched as one by one the forces of summer had succumbed to the forces of winter. He was the last stand and he was not going to go down without a fight. He mustered up all the remaining strength summer had to offer which exploded like a solar storm from his very being, He was ready to face the cold of winter he was ready to face his death.

The Samhuinn Fire Festival 2016 is at 9pm on Monday 31st October on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. Find out all about it here.

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