Tech heroes!

This is Tech, our amazing stage crew. Photopoint Neil captured them in their boiler-suited glory on Samhuinn night!


In the run up to Samhuinn they built fire sculptures and prepare everything to be taken to festival venue under the watchful, expert eyes of Group Organisers Helen, Greig and Jonny. On the day, they built stages and decoration as well as setting up the fencing, crowd barriers and lighting. This year, they did a lot of that in the rain. Techie Fenland took some pictures of a backstage view that is rarely seen by anyone other than the crew themselves.



During the event, as well as looking after the safety of our audience and performers, they lit the fire sculptures and fired the pyrotechnics. At the end of the festival they took it all down again. But that wasn’t the end of their work! In the days following the festival, everything needed to be transported, sorted, inventoried, packed and stored. This year, a LOT of things also needed to be dried. Techies Greig and Jonny took some pictures of the boiler suits, gloves, tarps, tents and various other bits and pieces all laid out to dry the day after the festival.




Sometimes there’s even a bit of Tech gear overflow, as seen on Techie Matt’s washing line below.


At our festivals, you see a lot of Tech’s work. You just don’t often see Tech themselves. They’re creative and industrious with serious skills and very little would happen without them. Our heroes!

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