Behind the Scenes with Water Point, Aios Fior & Fire Puppets

With just five days to go until Beltane Fire Festival 2017(!!!), we’ve got a few more behind-the-scenes photos we wanted to share with you. All our groups of volunteers are pulling out the stops to make this the best Beltane yet and our amazing Photopoint photographers have been right there with them. To learn more about all the groups at the 30th Beltane Fire Festival, see this page.


Continuing their nautical themed endeavours, Water Point headed to the coast to embrace their inner pirate and indulge in some hearty singing.. and acro of course.

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Fire Puppets

The dragon and the phoenix are classic creatures of fire. The dragon is strength and vitality; the phoenix is regeneration and renewal. The dragon will embody the element of fire; and the phoenix will, like the Green Man, make a journey through life to death and back to life again.

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Aios Fior

The People of the Fire have been continuing playing with fire. Their incredible show involves fire poi, fire spinning, fire dancing and much more.

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To see the full versions of all these albums, see our Facebook Page.

Beltane is this Sunday and tickets are selling fast. Don’t leave it too late to secure your place. For more information on the event, see this page and join the Facebook event.

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