Beltane 2017 – The First Look

Well what a night that was! The 30th ever Beltane Fire Festival on Calton Hill was another roaring success, and while we struggle to find the words to do it justice, here are the first images from our Photopoint team to give you a little taste…


We’ll be adding all the photos from our Photopoint team to this album on our Facebook page. 

9 thoughts on “Beltane 2017 – The First Look

  1. The spectacle gets better every year. I brought along a few overseas friend’s who left raving about their pagan night in Edinburgh.
    I look forward to next year already. Thanks for all the hard work so many must have put in .


  2. I’ve been attending Beltane for more than a decade, and the production keeps improving, last night was quite spectacular. Well done to everyone who made it such a success. May I suggest, though, to limit numbers of visitors a bit more next year? It felt a bit crowded and touristy, compared to previous years where the experience felt a bit more ‘raw’. My opinion, of course.

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  3. Thank you all for a spectacular night! Only negative was I couldn’t see most of it.. neither could my mum who is 5 inches shorter than me. My mum has never been to a Pagan event before.. she said she had a great time, but felt like it was New Year with so many people/tourists and it took away from the atmosphere a little. My nephews went to the family day and haven’t stopped talking about it yet! They told me the story and about fire.. and want to go back next year. The drumming was great and really set the tone of things. Thank you to all, performers, stewards, photographers, set designers ..everybody behind the scenes for some wonderful memories ❤ Happy Beltane to all! 😗


  4. Gracias por tu comentario. Ya sabemos que tenemos que esforzarnos en publicar más cosas. Si te animas a mandarnos cosas las publicaremos con mucho gusto incluso si te animas a puecAlar…..GRiCIAS!!!Pubdes enviarnos lo que quieras a


  5. Although l am not close to being 56, 😛 I agree with you, I think he has a lot of great qualities to be one of the greatest if he ever wins. I do1278&n#;t want to lose hope, I think as long H is there fighting he will win because the world belongs to tenacious people. But I am scared of the Chavista machinery ($$$$)


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