Reds and Beasties – in Photos

Reds and Beasties looked and sounded incredible at this year’s Beltane Fire Festival. While social media restrictions don’t allow us to post all our photos in our Facebook album, we have now added all the images from our Photopoint team to our online photo archive:

We also asked a couple of those involved to share some of their personal highlights:

“We burst through the fire arch, a piece of the chaos of Summer escaping from the underworld.  We got to play on the Acropolis, looking out over Edinburgh.  We hurtled towards the Whites carrying flaming brands.  We drummed ourselves into a reverie by firelight and we threw our heads back in laughter as the Reds built towers and we kept drumming.  Our heartbeat, accompanying the turning of the season.”  

Sara Thomas, First Time Beastie

“That moment when we are all outside the getting ready space before we are anywhere near the hill, looking around a group of almost 50 red faces and being met with the feeling of déjà vu, like we have all done this so many times before, like we have lived this lifetime a hundred times we have seen these faces wearing the sacred red paint an infinite amount of times before.  Knowing in that moment that everything we have done, everything we have worked towards, all the connections we have made and the bonds of love that have been created come to this… This one moment … Nothing else matters now, whether or not we pull off all of the pyramids we have trained matters not, because in this moment we are ready we are and always have been and forever will be RED and that will never change.”

Will, Red GO


Featured image by Martin McCarthy for Beltane Fire Festival

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