Could you be our missing GOs? We need you!

Could you coordinate our torchbearers, run our team of tech volunteers, lead a group to gather donations, or create a performance group ideal for those with limited time or experience? Then step right up; we need you!

Though the deadline for applications to run groups for Samhuinn has passed (and we’re VERY excited about the ideas that have been put forward), we’d like to add some last, key components: torchbearers, tech, bucketeers/contact point, and a low-commitment performance group.

So, we are reopening the application process briefly to specifically call for applications from those who may want to be group organisers for these groups. Apply by this Sunday!

If you are interested in running groups that fit this bill (no others please – we have plenty!), complete an application form and send it by 12 noon on Sunday 13 August, to festival [at] beltane [dot] org. You can find the forms and all the guidance about applications from the original shoutout; and if you want to chat with us before submitting a form, go ahead and email with your questions, we’re happy to help.

Here’s a little more information about the four groups we’re looking to find organisers for…


    Our Torchbearers are the cloaked figures who light our procession and festival with ritual fire-onna-stick. We are looking for group organisers who have good experience with fire and fire safety; an understanding of our event and the significance of the role of torchie; who are welcoming, flexible, friendly and organised; who can teach others all they need to know and who can create a warm, enjoyable experience for our volunteers.

  • TECH:

    Our volunteer tech groups are responsible for the logistics, structures and safe (but dramatic) fire art that form the background and backbone of our Samhuinn. We are looking for tech group organisers with experience of logistics and tech in our kind of event; and who can get lots done in a short space of time. And this year more than ever before, we’re keen to help people step up to be tech GOs for the first time, so we can offer lots of support, guidance and experience to help you take on the challenge.


    Our lovely bucketeers are on hand throughout Samhuinn with collection buckets to gather up donations from our lovely audience. Whether you’d be keen to take on a character or channel the pure essence of the bucket-and-lanyard, the level of work involved in preparation will be up to the organisers. We are looking for bucketeer organisers who can take on the responsibility of organising collection of donations across the night, and who can create an enjoyable experience for our volunteers and audience.


    We’d like to make sure that having a lot of other commitments: family, work, or mental well-being doesn’t mean that people have to miss out on taking part.  We  are looking for GOs who are flexible, friendly, organised and able to focus on getting stuff done! We’d like to be able to offer a small performance group which might not require a high deal of physicality from all performers.

If you fancy running any of these groups, we’d really love you to apply – and if you aren’t quite sure but might be interested, please get in touch for a chat.

Let’s make it happen, people! 😀

Featured Image by Mark Taylor for Beltane Fire Society

2 thoughts on “Could you be our missing GOs? We need you!

  1. I would love to help, however living in Jersey would make it very difficult ! I am however hoping to travel over to see the parade, I really enjoyed the Beltane one, will this one be on the hill or not ? Julie Bolton

    Jersey Glass Art



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