Introducing Our Samhuinn 2017 Blues…

Beltane Fire Society is very excited to introduce the Blues for Samhuinn 2017 to our family and friends.

Josh Bergamin will continue on in his role as a Blue.

We’d also like to welcome James Armandary, Gav Kennerly and Kate Kirkwood.

Our Blues are long-standing and active members of our community with lots of experience participating and performing in festivals, and a deep connection to our rituals and traditions.

We’re really happy to welcome James, Gav, and Kate as they join Josh in this important and respected role in our Society, and we look forward to sharing a bit more about their BFS background and Blue story in their own words very soon.

We’d also like to thank Sara Ferreira, Kat Kane and Rob May for their time as Blue – they did an amazing job and although they are laying down their withies for now, they remain very much a part of the BFS community.


Some key info and updates on changes:

As you may know, the Board and Blues have been working during the past year on how we make decisions together, and on making our systems and processes more transparent. We’re keen to clearly communicate any changes, so here’s a summary of all you might want to know and where to find out more:

  • What Blues do: (This will be updated with full info on our Samhuinn 2017 Blues shortly)
  • The current Blues for any festival form part of the GO Selection Group for that festival: they therefore now cast their votes, along with the Board, on an equal footing. You can find the full GO selection process here:
  • The Blues and Board also work together to select court members. The full court process selection for this year is here:
  • Processes around becoming and stepping down as a Blue:

If you have queries about these process or changes, please contact us at, or members of the board will have a table at the Open Meeting where you can drop by and chat with us.

Photo of Blues at Samhuinn 2016 by Martin McCarthy. 

One thought on “Introducing Our Samhuinn 2017 Blues…

  1. Hello, at any time i’ m very enjoy to be with the Samhuinn spirit and the Beltane family friends. Alexandre


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