We’re hiring! Event Coordinator and Comms Coordinator, deadlines soon

BFS is run by volunteers, but we do have a couple of very special paid roles too: our event coordinator (who keeps us all on track as hippy-herder-in-chief) and communications coordinator (who runs our website, social media and press work).

This week we’re on the hunt for contractors to take on both those key roles, for our Samhuinn Fire Festival (held on 31 October 2017) and Beltane Fire Festival (held on 30 April 2018).



Deadlines are very soon (we’ve extended the deadline for event coordinator), so if you think these roles could be up your street, apply now!

Featured image by Dan Mosley for Beltane Fire Society

One thought on “We’re hiring! Event Coordinator and Comms Coordinator, deadlines soon

  1. Dear BFS,

    Your Event Coordinator position is the first job advert I have read in a long time which makes me really excited to work in the industry. Unfortunately I will be abroad this autumn, but should a similar position arise in 2018 I would be most grateful if you could inform me so that I can apply – I will be keeping an eye out.

    I hope that you find a wonderful candidate to join your team and that the event runs smoothly, and enjoyable for all!

    Best Wishes,
    Bobbie Godleman


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