Help us plan Samhuinn for families!

Family Samhuinn is a special event for kids aged 3-12 and grown-ups looking for a more traditional way to celebrate Hallowe’en. At the end of October, we will mark the end of summer and the drawing in of the winter months with an afternoon of spooky storytelling and drama games at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. This is in addition to Samhuinn Fire Festival, which takes place in the evening of 31st October on the Royal Mile.

We are looking for creative people brimming with ideas on how to bring this momentous Celtic holiday to life for kids and their families. Our first Open Meeting for Family Samhuinn will take place on Saturday 23rd September at 5:30pm in Waverley Bar, where we will share ideas, stories, and plots to kickstart creating the event. This will also be a chance to get to know each other in an informal meet-and-greet.

All are welcome to come along and share their suggestions for this unique family-friendly event. This first meeting is adult-only, but our next meet-up will take place in a child-friendly venue.

For more information about Family Samhuinn, you can get in touch at

Photo of Family Samhuinn 2016 by Neil Barton.

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